Honoring the interdependence of all things.

Hand-dyed and designed by Madison. Small-batch and limited print, only 25 pieces made. Screen-printed with water-based inks in Albuquerque by High Desert Debris.

Zen teaches that everything is connected and constantly changing. These fundamental observations are also shared by ecology and evolution: there is no separation between humans and the world around us. Inspired by the teaching of No-Self (Anatta) or Inter-being - the No-Separation Design features a collage of organisms from different ecosystems: monarch butterfly, blue gum eucalyptus, white-throated hummingbird, San Pedro cactus, marigolds, Sonoran river toad, giant clam, and lettuce coral.

15% of sales of No Separation dye stuff will be donated to one of three organizations below. You choose. I donate.

  • Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund

    The Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund (IMC Fund) is ensuring a future where Indigenous Peoples, their medicines and knowledge thrive for generations to come. The IMC Fund is an Indigenous-led philanthropic vehicle working to ensure the resilience of Peoples in the face of cultural appropriation, environmental extractivism, human rights violations and climate change. Partnering with funders globally, informed by robust ecological and community-based assessments, they build alliances with organizations on-the-ground, fund their efforts and do strategic engagement with leaders of each bio-culture. 

  • ViveMar

    VIVEMAR is a non-governmental organization founded as a cooperative society by people from the community in 2011. Located in Bajos de Chila, San Pedro Mixtepec, Juquila, Oaxaca, Mexico (15 minutes from Puerto Escondido) - ViveMar is responsible for the conservation and protection of 27km of Oaxacan coastline. ViveMar projects include conservation and protection of four sea turtle species, scientific bird banding, mangrove reforestation, creation of community organic gardens, VIVEMAR School Project – Environmental education community schools, and beach clean-ups.

  • Borderlands Restoration Network

    Borderlands Restoration Network is an ecological restoration nonprofit working to promote and protect biodiversity in the Sky Islands by rebuilding watersheds to combat land erosion and recharge depleted groundwater, restoring habitats through Borderlands Nursery & Seed, and reconnecting people to land through education and outreach programming.

    BRN also co-manages the Borderlands Wildlife Preserve, ​a 1,800 + acres wildlife preserve to protect and conserve critical wildlife habitat and maintain a route for migratory species in one of the world's critical biodiversity hotspots.