What's goin' on here

Solar Plant & Dye Stuff is small-batch and low-impact apparel and healing botanicals inspired by the natural world. Each piece is hand-dyed and one-of-a-kind. Herbal products are thoughtfully-blended to support you on the wild ride of life.

Dye techniques are informed by water in its various manifestations - liquid, solid and gas - and how the water organically interacts with the folds and shapes of the fabric dictates the design. Dyes are waterway safe and non-toxic.

15% of sales of No Separation dye stuff will be donated to one of three organizations, you choose, I donate. You can learn about their amazing work here.

A $1 of every Plant Reliquary Sticker will be donated to the Yerba Mansa Project - a women-led native plant restoration and education non-profit based in Albuquerque, NM.

As a producer of material goods, I feel the responsibility to reflect on what materials I use and how I can adopt earth-honoring practices. This means researching the sustainability profiles of source materials, including wholesale apparel, dye stuff and packaging, thinking of how I use water and how much of it and using reclaimed or recycled production materials where possible.

I acknowledge that being sustainable is messy and imperfect and is especially tricky for small peanuts like me. Finding the perfect balance between making products both cost-inclusive and scalable is a difficult dance and it is my intention to continue to learn and be willing to adapt as necessary. 

I hope that by engaging with these lovingly-made creations - inspired by the natural world - you may feel a renewed connection to nature and consider our collective role in stewarding it.

In love, Madison
Dye Artist & Designer, Herbalist and Nature & Culture Filmmaker

  • Desert

    The dusted vermillion and quiet purple earth of Abiquiu and Jemez in New Mexico with its easy pigment potential. Landscape swept with soft green sage and yellow chamisa flowers.

  • Forest

    High alpine vastness and the cocoon cozy of temperate rainforest. Spongy earth and decaying leaf litter - lineages of life cycles in effortless balance. Mycelial connections under flaky nut brown bark and resinous wounds, healing in motion. Green a thousand ways.

  • Ocean

    A drop of water in the vast Pacific. Becoming one with the deep blue of the open ocean and individualized in the aquamarine shallows of lagoons and reefs - verdant algae and waving seaweed creating prismatic contours on variations of blue.

  • Cosmos

    Infant stars bursting from the vibrant kaleidoscope womb of gas and dust. New visions of the universe and its infinite galaxies and stars newly revealed to us by the product of dreaming and science: The James Webb Space Telescope.